Asociatia Tinerilor Formatori pentru Promovarea Dezvoltarii Rurale

“Let`s build together” project is a participative democracy project, implemented by promoters from Romania, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey. The activities of the project were held in period 19-30 October 2011, in BaileOlanesti. The project met the needs of participants for knowing the mechanisms of participative democracy and for actively participate in the democratic life of local and European community.

 The specific objectives of the project have been:

  • developing among young people a capacity of participation, as active citizens, in the democratic system and a positive attitude of youth toward the mechanisms of the participative democracy
  • promoting among young people, active- participative attitudes toward the mechanisms of the participative democracy
  • fostering the solidarity feeling among youth and promoting mutual understanding between young people
  • improving the the quality of the systems supporting youth activities 
  • by developing resources centres at each partner level, centresspecialised on participative democracy democracy
  • Creating a European network of organisations which are actively promoting the youth active participation.

The project had duration of 15 months, it was implemented in the period 1/06/2011 – 30/08/2012 and involved a number of 4o young people, 8 facilitators and 2 trainers, specialised in participative democracy. The activities of the project were:

  • Organising meetings with youth from the local communities in the purpose of finding solutions for the active participation
  • Making a video of the participation
  • Building an “ideal village” where the young people experimented the concepts and the mechanisms of participative democracy
  • Realising a forum-theatre play which developed participative competences among youth
  • Structured dialogue with the local authorities and factors with responsibility in youth policies.

For implementing the activities described, we used a range of methods of non-formal education as: energisers, debates, gallery tour, roles play, simulation games, open-space, forum theatre, world coffee, structured dialogue, photo voice, film voice.