Asociatia Tinerilor Formatori pentru Promovarea Dezvoltarii Rurale



2014 is the ATFPDR’s year of Urban Outdoors. Urban Green Citizenship is a unique local workshop which combines non-formal learning with direct community work and active experience of open air workshop festival Give&Get. It will bring together youth workers, youth leaders and NGO workers from across Europe, providing them with an opportunity to share their experiences in the field and learn from other participants the different approaches to youth work in cities when it comes to green urban activism.

By this workshop we aim to:

 give young people the possibility to experience sustainable living, community building, new ways of youth participation, personal expression and development;

 let young people actively experience the magic of the Give&Get festival providing workshops and activities for festival participants and getting involved in community service - check the video from the festival in 2013 -;

 analyse environmental impact of living in a city and countryside, discover possibilities to reduce ecological footprint of urban living and bring new initiatives to community;

inspire and connect young people by letting them explore the ways to make their communities become liveable.


The activity will be based on non-formal education principles and enable participants to share knowledge, acquire competences and hands-on skills on urban green living, tackling not only overall knowledge of green living, but also democratic competences of reclaiming spaces in cities and engaging in legal forms of activism in order to promote green values and initiatives in the cities. Participants will also gain knowledge and experience in such community building practices like gift economy, urban gardening, sharing and bartering.

Trainers of the course are Ilze Jece and Stanislavs Babins.

Apply for the workshop, if you:

- are proactive and both want to learn and share your knowledge on the course topic

- have a workshop to offer for other participants and festival attendees

- are enthusiastic about non-formal learning

- have engagement in a local organization and experience, or have a high interest, in running urban green activities with local community

- wish to act as a multiplier in your own community by introducing new concepts of urban activism

- are able to understand and speak good English

- are willing to live in a tent and eat vegetarian food while on the course


The participants will be selected taking into account gender balance, geographical scope and their previous experience/involvement in green urban projects and local and international youth work.

When and where? How much will it cost you?

15 March 2014,Casa Stiintei Ostroveni”Ramnicu Valcea

 No participation fee.

How to apply? Follow this link for the application form:

    All of you selected for the local workhsop will be informed personally via e-mail until 10th of Marchl 2014.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact Mureanu Georgeta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This project is kindly supported by the European Comission through Youth in Action Programme,Action 3.2-Youth in the world.