Asociatia Tinerilor Formatori pentru Promovarea Dezvoltarii Rurale

logo3.jpgThe "Book(s) for EVS" project is a follow up of another EVS project, which was implemented by ATFPDR between 1 June 2015 and 30 May 2016. (
One of the valuation and follow-up measures of the EVS project "Discovering the rural traditions" was the realization of a new EVS project, which involved new partners. For this purpose has been formed a team of two former EVS volunteers (Ana Montahna and Fatih Yusuf Ocuklu) who together with ATFPDR team’s started up the realization of this new EVS project. 
The specific objectives of the project are:
- The social inclusion of 8 young people belonging to the NEET category, by their involvement in voluntary activities in support of the local Vâlcea community.
- Promotion of social entrepreneurship among 8 EVS volunteers and 200 young people with fewer opportunities in the Vâlcea community.
-Promoting active citizenship, non-formal education, tolerance and solidarity among 8 EVS volunteers and 300 young people from the local community.
- Initiation, development and implementation of 3 non-formal education methods specific to voluntary service activities.

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„More opportunities real equity!” project is a follow up of another voluntary project- "Young volunteers for rural entrepreneurship"RO-21-169-2013-R3, project financed by Youth in Action program – Action 2 (
The specific objectives of the project are:
- promoting transnational mobility through voluntary participation of a total number of 6 young people in voluntary activities in support of Roma communities in Valcea County.
- reducing the school abandon and increasing the interest for the educational act in Roma communities where the voluntary activities will be implemented.
- increasing the spirit of tolerance and the fighting against any form of discrimination and xenophobia against Roma communities.
- promoting non-formal education as a way of acquiring new knowledge and skills both by volunteers and by beneficiaries of voluntary activities.
- increasing youth interest in participating in the project for sports and outdoor activities.

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  On 8 September 2015, at "Antim Ivireanul"Rm.Valcea library took place the launching conference of a new project lead by ATFPDR.The project is financed by Erasmus + project. Mobilities for young people-European Voluntary Service.
   The launching conference started with a welcome speach from head of public library (Grigorescu Remus,former Valcea county prefect,former head of County Valcea school inspectorate), welcome speach from Tatiana Marandici(head of Casa Corpului Didactic Valcea) and welcome speach of Roxana Croitoru (head of european departament of School Inspectorate Valcea).






   Than was a presentation of the project (aims, objectives, activities, results) and a film presentation of volunteers.The film was made by volunteers special for this event.

“An Exchange for your Working Life” is a youth exchange and it is placed in Palermo from 06 to 14 of May 2015 . It involves 3 foreign partners besides Italy (Croatia, Romania and Spain) and 6

participants (5+1 leader) from each country.
The main topic is youth unemployment and we want to stimulate the use of no-formal learning methods such as instruments to be used for working. The specific objectives are: to disseminate the knowledge about the European programs for mobility; to study and analyze all their skills useful for the labor market; to learn the best methods to communicate the acquired skills. Collaboration, creativity and learning by doing are the key-words of the project and all activities will be conducted using no-formal learning methods.
The project provides meetings with experts (Eurodesk and human resources experts), interviews to citizens, outdoor activities, game sessions, four intercultural dinners and the production of a video which shows the utility of the no formal skills in labor market.

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We are glad to inform that the selection of volunteers for Erasmus +,volunteer project"Discovering the rural traditions through storytelling "2014-3-RO01-KA1050-013433 is finnished.
The following volunteers are selected to spent 1 year in Romania for an innovative project in support of local communities:

1.Ana Montanha-Portugal.
2.Fatih Ocuklu-Turkey
3.Puyuelo Laguna Nieves-Spain
4.Ariadna Blanco Murias-Spain.

 Welcome in our team!